Exciting News for Homeworld Fans!

FarBridge Inc has partnered with Gearbox Entertainment to bring the first VR title in the Homeworld series, Homeworld: Vast Reaches.

This new VR game reimagines Homeworld’s strategic space battles in immersive VR environments, with players stepping into the role of Fleet Command, Tyrra Soban.

Set between the stories of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, Vast Reaches retains the series’ strategic combat approach, allowing Fleet Commanders to maneuver their ships from any angle. The game is set to launch on Meta Quest 2 and 3 later this year.

Richard Rouse III, FarBridge’s studio creative director, expressed excitement about the new experience, stating,

“We’ve taken care to make a new experience that both Homeworld and strategy game fans will enjoy. It’s been an honor to take the amazing space battles and unique characters of Homeworld and let people play in an entirely new way with virtual and mixed reality.”

Homeworld 3, the latest mainline entry in the series, is also in development by Blackbird Interactive and is set to launch on PC.

Originally crowdfunded via Fig, Homeworld 3 is now slated to launch on May 13 after several delays. Gearbox Entertainment, the publisher of Homeworld, was recently acquired by Take-Two Interactive.